Can Glu Mobile finally thrive in the brutal mobile gaming market?

The Motley Fool today took note of Glu Mobile’s recent momentum as it asked if the longtime mobile game publisher might be the next Zynga. Shares of Glu are up 70 percent in the last twelve months thanks largely to the success of Deer Hunter 2014, writer Adrian Campos reports, and its fast-growing portfolio of titles and new-found “game as a service” strategy could help it achieve profitability as soon as the next few months.

I’m not sure Zynga is the right comparison here — Glu has been a pure-play mobile game developer since well before the iPhone came to market, while Zynga established itself on PCs and has struggled with the transition to mobile. Regardless, Glu is demonstrating it can be nimble and open-minded enough to experiment with different monetization strategies, and efficient enough to consistently churn out games despite its small size. Those qualities are must-haves in the cutthroat mobile gaming market, and they may indeed help Glu finally become profitable. Whether it could remain so over the long term is still far from clear, however.

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