Top 3 cloud downfalls remain

The number of failed cloud projects seems to be growing, as well as the cost of fixing failed projects.  These cloud computing face plants can be traced back to a few key issues that have been known for some time.  Despite our knowledge of the problems we have yet fixed them.

The first issue is not understanding the true requirements before we toss cloud technology at the perceived problems.  Many in enterprise IT want to play with cloud technology, but not do the upfront work on the requirements.  This leads to great solutions that don’t meet a single need of the business.

The second issue is one around talent, or the lack thereof.  Many in enterprise IT don’t hire those with the right cloud skills, nor do they retrain existing staff.  Thus, there is very little expertise on hand to understand how to effectively leverage this technology.  The end result is a bit of bumbling along until they figure things out.

The final issue involves not funding the movement to cloud computing.  In many instances, they look for the movement to cloud-based systems to be self-funded.  Thus, the savings pays for the services.  In the real world, this is just not the case.  You have to fund special projects, hire the right people, and purchase the technology ahead of the benefits.  This means that cloud computing must be funded, else it won’t be successful.


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