Survey says executives are most likely to bend cloud application usage rules.

While most business professionals are worried about the security of cloud-based applications, they are not deterred from using them to store their personal and professional data.  This, according to a recent survey from SafeNet Labs, the creator of SafeMonk.
“When SafeNet Labs, a technology incubator initiative of SafeNet, Inc., asked hundreds of business professionals worldwide if they were worried about the security of the cloud-based applications or data stored in the cloud, 52 percent checked ‘Yes’; however, sixty-four percent of respondents said they still frequently use cloud-based apps to store their personal and professional data. Ironically, when asked what keeps them up at night regarding their data and information, more than half answered, ‘Nothing keeps me up; I sleep like a baby.’

This “Do as I say, and not as I do,” approach to management in the cloud is well known these days.  Executives who are the first to push back on leveraging outside public cloud systems, such as Google and Dropbox, are also those who are the most likely early adopters.  Thus, they will be placed into an odd position when asked about their own practices relative to what they advocate in the enterprises they control.



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