Akamai Technologies will partner Cisco to deliver the world’s first enterprise WAN

Akamai Technologies will partner Cisco to deliver the world’s first enterprise WAN that will provide secure, high-quality service for cloud applications, both public and private.  Last week the two companies announced plans for future integration of Akamai Unified Performance technology into the Cisco ISR-AX series of routers.

“The intention is to combine the power of Cisco’s Intelligent WAN, which includes Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and Application Visibility and Control (AVC), with Akamai’s Unified Performance to extend the corporate data center and the Akamai Intelligent Platform, specifically to offload existing network links and improve performance for Web and business-critical applications.”

This kind of network service offering with cloud computing in mind will be the path for most larger network hardware, software, and services providers.  As more cloud computing traffic flows over enterprise networks, and WAN, demand will increase for such technology and approaches. Many network technology providers are building ahead of the demand.  This is an instance of putting the cart before the horse, which, in this context, is a good overall strategy.


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