Adidas gets into wearables (at GigaOM Mobilize, no less!)

It’s always fun to have news break at your own conference, and GigaOM had that happen today with the Adidas’ reveal that they would be jumping into the wearables game with their own smartwatch.

The new watch, which is hypertargeted at runners, will be available on November 1st for $399. According to Adidas exec Paul Gaudio, the company stripped down the product to offer only those features they felt would be useful to runners.

“We didn’t incorporate anything we didn’t think a runner wouldn’t need or appreciate… we left certain things out on purpose,” he said. “We’re not trying to make a smartwatch, but the smartest running watch.”

This follows the news this month of Fitbit’s own smartwatch, the Fitbit Force, as well as the push into wearables by Nike. It also shows how the wrist is fast becoming the most sought after real estate on the body for technology/wearables and shows how diverse the smartwatch space will be.

Of course, at $399 the price is a bit rich, especially compared to the $129-priced Fitbit Force. Adidas is putting some extras such as “personal coaching” in the device, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to compel a significant number of runners to jump on board.

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