The wearables IP battle may be heating up

And the company fanning the fire may be Microsoft, no less.

The company behind the SPOT watch, a defunct if admirable effort at creating a connected watch in the early 2000s, is now looking to build its IP battlechest in wearables by buying long-time emerging tech design shop, Osterhout Design Group.

Techcrunch has the details, and from the sounds of it, things are still being hashed out in terms of whether its just a patent purchase or also an acquihire type deal.

Clearly Microsoft has some of its own IP in the wearables, motion sensing and augmented reality spaces, but it looks like this could possibly be similar to what they did Primesense (which was a licensing deal) to kickstart their motion-sensing efforts for Xbox. It could be that Osterhout has a game-changing technology that could be a centerpiece for a new wearable such as a Glass type product, or Microsoft  could be stockpiling IP in what they see as an important space (which Google appears, at least externally, to have a lead as of now).

While mobile IP battles marked the biggest space over the past decade, wearables might be the biggest battleground for IP in the coming decade. Microsoft is clearly look to be ready.

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