Oh, I get it now. Dell is now a cloud middleware company.

Nnamdi Orakwue, Dell’s vice-president in charge of cloud, told Gigaom’s Structure:Europe conference in London on Thursday that the company’s move to go private, in terms of its stock, won’t have an impact on its cloud strategy.  Indeed, he stated that Dell is still focused on trying to serve three market pillars: private clouds, as well as multi-cloud management services, and supplying hardware and services to the largest public-cloud providers.

“As the cloud market continues to mature, many companies are trying to manage multiple versions of the cloud — including private clouds, public clouds like Amazon’s S3 and hybrids of the two — and Dell wants to be one of the players guiding them through that process.”

Rather than a provider role, Dell’s strategy seems to be about becoming the company with key technology and hardware to bind clouds together for their enterprise users.  This jives with the acquisition of cloud integration player Boomi a few years ago, and, more recently, the acquisition of Enstratius, a cloud management platform provider.

However, this strategy seems more like a fallback position than a strategy for a large technology company.  That said, it may be their only move, given the resources of Dell.

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