Dell’s cloud computing “workstation as a service” is a dumb idea

According to this report out of the UK, “Dell is looking at how to deliver a ‘workstation as a service’ cloud computing offering in future, whereby users will be able to remotely access demanding applications running in a data centre rather than on a workstation box sitting under their desk.”

Dell already offers a portfolio of solutions known as Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) that enable enterprise customers to build their own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offering desktop as a service (Daas).

So, what’s different about this approach?  Not much I’m thinking.  Indeed, this is more about offering up something that says “cloud” than providing a true productive technology to Dell end users.

While desktop virtualization is certainly growing in popularity, most systems that will benefit from scalable cloud-based infrastructure will be de-coupled from a workstation.  Thus, you don’t need it as a service, in most applications that I see.  In most cases, it will be difficult to justify the additional costs.

I suspect that this offering will be both confusing and less than productive to Dell’s existing and emerging customer base.  Perhaps this is one that should not find its way to the market.

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David S. Linthicum

SVP Cloud Technology Partners

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