Why data spying paranoia is a good thing

As reported by Barb Darrow “Most IT pros assume big brother is spying on corporate data.”  This is according to a survey showing that most expect Big Brother to be checking out their data.

The survey results were released Friday and showed that well over half of the 300 IT pros responding simply expect Big Brother to be peering at their stuff. Over half of the respondents work for big enterprises (with more than 5,000 employees) in the financial services, retail, healthcare and insurance businesses. The survey was sponsored by Voltage Security, which is using it to promote the need to protect sensitive financial, customer or employee data as well as corporate intellectual property, for its entire life span.”

This comes in the wake of the NSA scandal, but I suspect that these suspicions pre-date revelations that the US government was working with some tech companies to search through some data.

The reaction to this could actually be healthy.  More enterprises will now take extra precautions to both understand the legal issues around data protection, as well as go the extra mile to make their data secure in the cloud, or local.  There is certainly more focus on security now, and to me that’s a good thing.

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