CloudVelocity out with yet another cloud application migration tool.

According to Network World’s Brandon Butler, “Startup CloudVelocity is tackling the hybrid cloud game from the perspective of applications and software that are already running on customer sites and moving those up into the public cloud, all without any changes to the code. Unlike what Microsoft, Rackspace or VMware focus on in terms of launching services specifically within their own networks, CloudVelocity says it’s taking an open approach: Launch any app you have to a variety of public cloud options.”

CloudVelocity joins others in this space that includes CliQr, CohensiveFT, and Ravello, Lakhani.  Each approach the problem differently.  For instance, some model the application, others containerize the application.  “CloudVelocity analyzes the app to replicate it in the cloud.”

Good approach?  Not really, unless you have no interest in leveraging the native features of the cloud computing platforms.  While this is a good “lift and shift” model for cloud application migration, more sophisticated approaches are typically indicated, which includes some redesign while porting the application.

This will become more apparent as time moves on, and tools such as this are ‘outted’ for their limitations.  Do it right the first time, and you’ll fix the problem forever.

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