Cloud Foundry gets support from IBM and Baidu

With support from IBM  and Baidu, Cloud Foundry gains some momentum going into the PaaS arena.  This announcement came out this week.

“Cloud Foundry came out of VMware, which spun it off as a core technology for the VMware-EMC-owned Pivotal spinout. Cloud Foundry’s original raison d’etre — to be a universal platform to enable developers to write an application once and run it on any cloud infrastructure — remains unchanged. However, Pivotal is overlaying the basic platform itself with a Pivotal HD data layer courtesy of Green Plum and agile development out of Pivotal Labs, as well as support for buildpacks, which lets folks use a PaaS with a choice of application run-time container. For nonprogrammers, that means you can swap in applications (or application servers) as needed and they need not be associated with the underlying PaaS provider.”

While support from both IBM and Baidu is important, I’ve not seen momentum in the market around the use of Cloud Foundry.  This announcement may mean that they finally get traction, or, that they almost got traction.

The growing PaaS space is relatively small when compared to IaaS and SaaS.  However, many enterprises will leverage several spaces.  Moreover, it’s still too early in the game to declare the winners.

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