‘Premature Collaboration’ promotion is actually funny, and SFW

It’s not often that enterprise software is marketed through humor, at least not effectively. I actually LOLed when I saw this promotion from Kerio for their samepage work media solution.

Premature Collaboration

Premature Collaboration is working on a project before your team is fully informed and equipped. It’s building on old information and not knowing until it’s too late. It’s a common but embarrassing problem.

Top 4 Causes of Premature Collaboration
1. Tunnel vision. If co-workers are information bottlenecks, it’s hard to see their progress. The result is duplicated efforts and uninformed decisions.

2. Platform paradox. Teams have an overabundance of sharing platforms: email, chat, file sharing tools, etc. This creates communication gaps.

3. Historical blindness. As emails and chat logs get older, they become harder to find and keep in context. The result is loss of time and details.

4. Impulsive selection. Many choose file sharing tools without much thought, realizing too late that collaboration doesn’t always involve files.

Ok, they convinced me at least to take a look, which I will soon.

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