The Most Cloud Friendly Countries are Japan, Australia, and the USA According to BSA

 As reported in ZDNet by Joe McKendrick, Japan, Australia and the United States take the lead as the countries with the most cloud-friendly policies and laws, a new study shows.   

The study, released by BSA-The Software Alliance, an industry group, finds that, while many of the world’s biggest IT markets have stalled or slid backward, others are embracing laws and regulations conducive to cloud innovation. The second annual “scorecard” also finds that policy fragmentation persists, as some countries, aiming to promote local cloud markets, adopt laws and regulations that inhibit cross-border data flows or skew international competition.”

Policy improvements in many of the world’s biggest IT markets have been lackluster, according to BSA.  Indeed, all six European Union countries covered in the study have lost ground in the rankings.  Some are effectively unplugging themselves from the global market, such as Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Laws and regulations in those countries make migrating to public cloud computing platforms problematic.

What’s most interesting about this report?  The ability to support cloud computing is becoming an objective when the more progressive countries look at regulations.  Many governments believe it’s the future, and they are willing to craft or change laws to make sure there is a minimum of regulatory hindrance.




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