More Data Points Showing Up on the Marriage of Healthcare and Cloud Computing

I’ve made no secret of the fact that cloud computing has the potential to provide a huge amount of value to the healthcare world.  Recently, the market research firm, Markets and Markets, predicted the Cloud Computing Market for healthcare-related services to grow $5.4 billion by 2017.  That jives with other recent predictions, and I think it’s way too slow for healthcare to delve into cloud computing.

However, the transition comes with some large to do lists for most healthcare providers.  Most of them have a lot to do to prep for the cloud.  This includes normalizing existing enterprise applications and data, and buckling down on some security and compliance planning.

It’s not rocket science, as to what should occur.  Some fast planning should happen around the migration of some of systems and data that will provide the most bang for the buck.  Those in healthcare IT have a pretty good idea what those systems are, and they should have those migrations in the queue by the end of the year.


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  1. Our experience is that the data is in such a state of chaos that getting the workflows standardized is a key first step. IT often isn’t even aware of all the places key data elements are stored as the EMR implementations have been focused on workflow flexibility over data consistency. The rise of ACO’s and P4P seems to be providing the needed impetus to invest in standardization in order to make sense and use of the data.

    While you’re right it’s not rocket science it is a lot of hard work with little to no near-term payback making for a tough sell.

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