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  1. Hi Stowe,

    Indeed we are very different from the ‘enterprise social’ crowd. We place less emphasis on the standard social tools (microblogging and activity streams) and focus on discovering expertise, understanding who is doing what, fostering teamwork and driving culture.

    As you say, we are an “organization-centric intranet”. We are able to bring the vibe of the organization to life, making employees feel part of an organized, extended team accomplishing things together. Our focus is on connecting the organization as a whole, rather than imposing huge change by shifting organizations from structured teams to peer-to-peer networks. But if you want to shift your culture to becoming more collaborative, we can provide a meaningful way to drive that evolution.

    Work gets done by structured teams — speciallists coming together to tackle a common goal. We clarify that structure, be it hierarchical or collaborative, formal or ad hoc. Communities of practice, self-managed teams, self-structuring teams, etc. are fully supported. If you don’t have a hierarchy, we can clearly reflect this. If teams form from the bottom up, we make it easy for people to declare their participation in a team.

    We do provide an Activity Stream and are coaching customers on the practice of “working out loud”.

    We are out to profoundly change how organizations enable their employees and have clearly set out our views on what this involves:

    And yes, this is a “wholesale rejection and retreat” from the approach adopted by our ‘enterprise social’ competitors. Jostle on.

    Brad Palmer
    CEO and co-founder of Jostle Corporation

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