The weekend review: app madness and LinkedIn’s new content strategy

GigaOM Pro is gearing up for our trip across the Atlantic: In just 10 days, we’ll be launching our first conference overseas, with Structure:Europe in Amsterdam on
Oct. 16–17. There are still a few discounted tickets available for GigaOM Pro subscribers, so be sure to sign up! Moving along, the so-called “appconomy” was a hot topic at last month’s Mobilize conference, and two of the most popular pieces of research content this week take a look at the app ecosystem.

First, Amy Cravens provides an in-depth analysis of the app-developer landscape in “A demographic and business model analysis of today’s app developer.” Using data from a survey created by GigaOM and the Application Developers Alliance, Cravens looks at the demographics, market variations, device and platform preferences, and growth prospects for the hard-to-track global app-developer market. Cravens focuses especially on the paid apps segment and the correlation between paid apps and other strategy factors.

Next, in “Mapping Session: navigating the modern appconomy,” Mike Wolf summarizes the major takeaways and findings from GigaOM Pro’s app-focused Mapping Session event, which was held at Mobilize. Wolf kicked off the Mapping Session with data from the above-mentioned joint GigaOM–Application Developers Alliance survey and worked with the audience to determine and analyze three major disruption vectors that will affect the app marketplace in the near-term future.

Last, in “Is LinkedIn trying to become WordPress for the business-executive set?” Mike Wolf provides a quick overview of one of LinkedIn’s newest features, released this past Tuesday. The site now allows executive influencers (such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Barack Obama) to create original content, which users can subscribe to. Wolf weighs in with his initial impressions on LinkedIn’s ambitions to create a “push-button publishing platform for the influencer crowd.”

Also popular this week:

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