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Wired reports this morning that Tesla is planning two new models due for release in 2016. They include a smaller crossover SUV to compete against BMW’s X3, and a sportscar successor to the Roadster. Tesla Founder Elon Musk hinted that the Roadster successor will have “supercar performance, but not supercar pricing” which makes one wonder if the car might come in below the hefty hundred grand plus that the Roadster sold for. Additionally, Musk is planning on an entry level sedan with a price tag of around $30,000 due in 2015 to compete with the Audi A4, and the BMW 3-series. We’d be talking something about 25 percent smaller than the Model S and if the price tag really is just 30K, that would be cheaper than competitor cars out of Germany and a real threat. All in all this is a very ambitious roadmap and further proof that Tesla is gunning for the mass market. Now the trick, as always, is to deliver on time without lots of recalls.

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