Announcing the new GigaOM Pro topic pages

Today, we’re excited to launch new, redesigned topic pages on GigaOM Pro. These represent months of hard work from our product and dev teams, and we hope the new pages will help you discover new research content, faster. Here’s a look at what we’ve done so far, and what’s in store for the next few months.

What’s Changed

We want to continue to offer Pro clients a mix of timely posts and longer-term analysis. We’ve phased out curated links and “Today in…” as separate features on the site; instead, the Analyst Blogs will give us the flexibility and speed to react more quickly – and with deeper analysis – to industry events and emerging trends. We’re also involving more GigaOM Pro Analysts from our growing network of 140+ analysts, who will be contributing their expertise to our quick-reaction analysis. You’ll also find brief opinion pieces and important site news, so be sure to keep your eyes on this space.

The former topic page design on GigaOM Pro: a) Weekly Update; b) recent research content; c) curated links; d) data highlights; e) Today in...

What’s New

A new way to browse research content: We’ve given the topic pages a total makeover, aiming for a cleaner, more streamlined design that puts our research content front and center. For those of you familiar with the design on GigaOM, you may recognize the “Featured Reports” carousel at the top of the page. Check here for a highlighted research content published to the site.

We’ve also introduced a new tiled format for displaying the most recent research content across all research types: briefings, notes, long views and quarterly reports. You can still browse by research content type using the “Briefings” tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or via individual topic drop-down menus.


One More Thing

To steal a bit of a line from Steve Jobs, we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves. Today, we’re also rolling out a new design for all GigaOM Pro newsletters — you should see these changes in your next newsletter.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design – we’ll be working on refreshing the main landing page for GigaOM Pro next. Help shape the next redesign and let us know what’s working (and what isn’t) by leaving a comment below. Or, if you’re prefer to share your thoughts via e-mail, please send me a note at, and I’ll make sure your feedback gets to the right person.

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  1. ok thanks!

  2. What the Curated links section? Is it phased out or moved elsewhere within the website?

    1. Hi Tariq,

      The Curated links are now part of the Analyst Blogs. This new format gives each curator more space to add more text around the links that they share with as much (or as little) context they wish to add.

      On the front page, you can find the latest blog posts in the “New from our Analysts” section. On each vertical page you can find the Analyst Blog Posts in the right sidebar with the latest Weekly Update up on top, shaded in yellow.

  3. Great job, team!

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