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Alcatel-Lucent has open-sourced its API management tool, apiGrove, in the hopes of disrupting the market for API management. Layer 7, 3Scale, Apigee, Mashery and many others are going after this opportunity too. In an increasingly connected and collaborative world, APIs are what facilitate the connections between the apps and infrastructure we use. But it means service providers and enterprises have to integrate and manage all the different APIs that are constantly evolving as each app gets updated. Software like apiGrove helps to manage it all. I’ll be curious to see how much traction Alcatel-Lucent gets with apiGrove. Open-sourcing a previously proprietary product isn’t the easiest way to begin an open source project, as it smacks of desperation, but developers will go where the action is. If and it’s a big if, Alcatel-Lucent supports and builds the community, developers will follow.

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  1. Jo, WSO2 has an API Management solution in open source that was rated by Forrester as good as Layer7. WSO2 has numerous customers for its API Management and offers components (all open source) and services that help organizations connect their data and existing services in scalable ways to their API Management but also to allow organizations to leverage all the APIs in their organization into a generalized store that the entire organization can leverage easily. WSO2s vision for API Management is much more expansive than most of the one trick ponies in the API Management space because they have all the components an enterprise needs to implement APIs and leverage the API paradigm throughout their organization as well as for delivery outside the organization, including a PaaS that is tied to API management so that an enterprise can create Ecosystems using their APIs that are private and governed. It’s all open source too.

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