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Today is gesture control day. Microsoft released Kinect for Windows 1.5 on Monday, an update of the Kinect for Windows platform that includes new developer tools and a spiffed-up SDK. In a blog post on the new release, Microsoft highlighted Kinect Studio, a new tool to allow developers to record and playback Kinect data, “dramatically shortening and simplifying the development lifecycle of a Kinect application.” Just in time, too, because Kinect just got some major competition from startup Leap Motion, which on Monday unveiled a $70, thumb-drive size peripheral that gives gesture control of the PC fingertip precision. It also released an SDK, initially for invited developers but shortly available to all. Leap Motion, which raised $13 million earlier this month, claims its motion sensors are 200 times more sensitive than anything else on the market, including Kinect, and can track individual finger movements to within 1/100th of a millimeter. Check out the videos here.

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