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The share economy startup Gobble gets a mention in today’s San Jose Mercury News story from Dana Hull. Gobble is creating an online platform in which to order ethnic food from your neighbors and have it delivered. It’s being trialed in the Silicon Valley area and is another prime example of how online networks are enabling the sharing of goods and services. It’s unclear how many resources would actually get conserved by buying a meal from your neighbor, thought there’s likely less of a carbon footprint if you buy that lasagna from your neighbor Jane instead of Stouffer’s. And Gobble has indicated that there is some quality control over ingredients, noting that its chefs don’t use “hormones, steroids, substitutes, or unknown ingredients.” I’m always a bit wary of low margin share economy businesses like this one where Gobble gets $3.95 per delivery or $18.95 monthly for all you want delivered (it’s not clear from Gobble’s site if they also get a cut of the sale of the food. Presumably so). Remember Urban Fetch and Kozmo? Though this time around the internet has much better social networks, is more trusted for payments, and we’re all walking around with the internet in our pockets.

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