Mac users: Having Firefox pdf download problems?

I am. I was getting a blank white screen when I tried to download Pro reports in PDF format. Adobe’s PDF plugin isn’t very friendly with the latest versions of Firefox on MacOS. Here‘s a solution:

If you want to use Adobe Acrobat, you can just change the preference that was messed up:

Go into Firefox > Preferences > Applications and look for “PDF file”

Next to that, select use Adobe Acrobat (or use Preview) rather than Adobe Acrobat NPAPI 10.1.3

My preferences listed the document as “Preview Document (application/pdf)”

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  1. Connie Hwong Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Hi Dave – I’ll have one of our devs look into this. What version of Safari are you using?

  2. Dave Linabury Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    I wasn’t, but I did start having issues using Print > Save as PDF on Safari this week. No idea why. Worked last week.

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