The weekend review: SXSW, MWC and S:D (Structure:Data)

Conference season is in full effect, and this week’s most popular articles gave nods to some of the biggest shows out there: Mobile World Congress, SXSW and GigaOM’s Structure:Data (OK, we may be slightly biased).

GigaOM Pro readers are clearly doing their homework before the upcoming Structure:Data conference in New York City on March 21 and 22. The week’s biggest article was our editorial package “10 ways big data changes everything,” which showcases how thoroughly big data has infiltrated our lives. For example, how can big data help the music industry identify the next Lady Gaga pop sensation? Or, on a more pressing level, how can cell phone data patterns enable the UN to more accurately identify and address public health crises in sub-Saharan Africa?

Next, Kevin Fitchard’s retrospective “The big theme of MWC: How to live in a connected world” takes a big-picture look at major ideas and trends that emerged in Barcelona. Specifically, Fitchard looks at the impact of hyperconnectivity on our lives (and devices) and the conference’s subtle shift away from cellular and toward Wi-Fi. And, of course, he wraps everything up with a quick overview of the new devices and gadgets that premiered at the show.

Last, just in time for the SXSW music conference and festival, Mark Mulligan takes a look at the rapidly shifting music industry in “Monetizing music in the post-scarcity age.” Mulligan examines how major services such as iTunes and Spotify can potentially work with major record labels, developers and consumers to foster a truly interactive ecosystem for the future of digital music.

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