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  1. To an outsider Amex approach may appear scatter gun but from inside Amex is making a lot of effort to stay relevant in the social and local commerce. It is taking a dedicated approach by partnering with relevant players like twitter, facebook and foursquare etc along with developing innovating solutions by bringing merchants and card members together through its exclusive relationship with both.

    For a 150 year old company, its a concerted effort to be relevant and innovative. The key to assess Amex’s offerings are to compare it with competition. All the major players are still trying to figure out the evolving social commerce paradigm and how to be an active participant in the payments and deals space.

    The likely winners would need to add tangible and measurable value to entire ecosystem of card users and merchants along with the ease of convenience to adapt the new solutions.

    May the best win…..

  2. Peter Mullen Monday, March 12, 2012

    Don’t be too dismissive of the ‘scattered’ approach as it only seems to follow the scattered approach of social media platforms in general. Only Zynga seems to have figured out F Commerce. At least Amex is doing something innovative around social commerce and perhaps experimenting with various hookups with Foursquare and Twitter to see if or how they can work. I’ve used and love the ‘check in with Foursquare, pay with Amex and get back a refund on your Amex bill’ promotion. Driving promotions with the larger retail brands would seem to make sense and one I would definitely use.

    1. Fair point. Facebook hasn’t even figured out F commerce beyond gaming goods.

      Do you buy our simple social commerce categories?:

      – Ratings & Reviews
      – Group buying
      – Shopping communities

      In that context, the first is farthest advanced, the last, least. Esp. if the context includes actual transactions rather marketing, new customer acquisition, etc., let alone loyalty.

      1. Wish I could read it! Not a ‘Pro’ subscriber. On the surface, I like your categories: Yelp, GroupOn, Fab. However, I think we are in very early stages with various community models yet to be developed.

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