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  1. What’s fascinating about Pinterest is that the concept of social curation isn’t new. You mention Digg & Reddit even before that was aggregating URLs and with the recent redesign post acquisition it’s now even more visual at and once could say that Pinterest “stacks” is essentially the same as a Pinterest “board”

    Pinterest has been around since 2009 but has only recently burst onto the scene. I would love to hear the story about how the service signed up it’s initial members and how they grew without the help of the usual early adopter social connectors.

  2. Pinterest is hardly a fad, in as much Pin boards never were. its here to stay although they should make some basic changes like allowing users to rearrange the pin board tiles as well as allowing users to post text only notes.

    there is a HUGE unmet gap for users to collect, organize and curate the information into the topics they are most interested in. Blogs paved the way, Tumblr made it easier and Pinterest upped it a notch by realizing that PinBoard presentation was missing from the market.

    Once someone goes PINTEREST will be unlikely they switch unless they get usability elsewhere which is superior but Pinterest should be able to keep on the innovation curve.

    My girfriend uses Pinterest extensively and has spent dozens of hours on her boards – will she move them, unlikely. Also the addiction has not worn off and she has forgetten FB for posting albums !!

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