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Deloitte released its annual State of the Media Democracy report yesterday, which appears to vindicate those who have insisted that cord-cutting is a real a growing phenomenon. According to Deloitte’s survey, 9 percent of respondents have already cancelled their cable subscriptions and another 11 percent say they are considering it. At the same time, 22 percent said they had viewed their favorite TV shows from a free online source, such as Hulu, and another 21 percent have viewed shows from the network’s own web site. But as Peter Kafka points out at AllThingsD, something doesn’t quite seem to add up. Deloitte’s survey findings imply that as many as 9 million people have recently stopped paying for cable or satellite — more than 10 percent of all pay-TV households. And yet overall industry subscriber levels last year were essentially flat. Even assuming a large margin of error in the data and some methodological fuzziness, that’s an awfully big discrepancy to try to explain. I’m stumped myself, but welcome any and all thoughts on the subject.

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