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Let’s hear it for 6LowPAN for home energy management! Looks like Google is indeed turning to 6LowPAN to network its Android-capable smart LED light bulbs, according to Greentech Media. 6LowPAN is the new IPv6 mesh standard for linking lots of low-power devices, which fits the home energy market’s needs. I’ve written about moves by Cisco (via its acquistiion of wireless startup Arch Rock last year) to make 6LowPAN the dominant technology in home area networking. Cisco wants to create an end-to-end IP-based smart meter networking architecture for the smart grid, but hasn’t said how it might enter the home networking space. As for Google, its big Android@Home announcement came with a partnership with Lighting Science Group to make a networked LED over a mysterious wireless protocol — which, according to Greentech Media, will be 6LowPAN. NXP Semiconductor will supply the chips, which ties in to a broader push in the “smart lighting” industry to push their respective wireless solutions to the fore. Big energy services companies like Honeywell and Johnson Controls have their own proprietary systems, while startups like Daintree seek to make ZigBee the standard. Looks like Google’s new announcement puts 6LowPAN in the spotlight as well.

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