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All eyes remain on Japan this morning, as the country struggles with the aftermath of Friday’s earthquake and tsunami, including the potential meltdown of nuclear power plants on its northeast coast. The latest news reports indicate that three units Fukushima nuclear power complex may be in a state of partial meltdown, after primary and backup power supplies to the plants’ cooling systems failed and explosions rocked two units of the plant. Emergency efforts to flood the units with seawater are underway, but right now, the plants’ steel containment walls may be all that stand between the damaged plants and a Chernobyl-level disaster at the complex, Reuters reports.  On the markets, shares of U.S. utilities with nuclear power plants, including Exelon, PSEG, Constellation Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric fell in early Monday trading, after U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said on CBS television’s “Face the Nation” that the U.S. may want to slow down the building of new nuclear plants, including some to be backed by $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees. Anti-nuclear activists in the U.S. and Europe are highlighting the disaster to oppose more nuclear plants in the U.K., Germany and France, and Bloomberg reports that China and India are rethinking their massive nuclear plant buildout plans as well.

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