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Nobody expects a newly Republican-tilted Congress to do much about clean energy or climate change, so states are reasserting their dominance as greentech incubators. That’s the gist of Clean Edge’s new U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index, which gives a snapshot of state-by-state greentech support as 2010 draws to a close. To nobody’s surprise, the best state to do green business remains California. Along with its lion’s share of venture capital and industry-boosting renewable energy mandates, California also voted down an oil industry-backed ballot measure that would have crippled the state’s landmark greenhouse gas reduction law, AB32. Even so, Washington state edged out California to take top rank for green-supporting policies, while Massachusetts had the most energy and environmental regulations and mandates and Illinois won for financial incentives. Michigan took top spot for greentech patents, largely based around the state’s huge role in plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and supporting battery technology. Oregon, Colorado are New York, Connecticut, Minnesota and New Jersey rounded out the list.

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