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  1. Ronnie:
    Good points. Especially that B2B is likely to have more paying customers for filtering or, especially, mining. Hosting private online communities for brands also seems viable, although Communispace looks like it’s selling itself.

  2. David,

    Agree with you on the challenge of monetizing social media data solely off ads – as you illustrate. Add to that the major platform dependencies and challenges you refer to – and this becomes even riskier. A few lucky startups may get acquired but its hard to build a bigger play with this model.

    It is probably better to start with audiences that will pay for something of value – usually businesses to better engage/connect with customers. Radian6 and Hoot Suite are doing that as B2B subscriptions and the mobile check-in apps that are presenting retailer offers to mall visitors are experiments on the B2C side. Whether they will get to any scale only time will tell.


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