GigaOM Bunker Session: Is App TV Coming Next?

What could happen if we had the “app store” revolution hit our TV sets?

On the morning of Nov. 9th around 75 entrepreneurs, executives and investors will gather at the GigaOM offices to engage in a town hall-style forum. The topic of discussion will be to consider what could happen if we had the “app store” revolution on our TV sets. Would we see the “App economy” hit the world of TV?

Internet-connected, processor-powered digital televisions are shipping today, and the move to TV app-marketplaces and platforms – like Android – are not far behind. It has been stated that one of the killer apps for the iPad is the Netflix application. Will app-enabled TVs and marketplaces follow the smartphone app-store market in upending traditional channels for content delivery and radically shift consumer media consumption? If so, what will the impact be on content owners, multi-channel operators, and the consumer?

In this bunker, we bring together elements of the ecosystem — vendors, buyers, investors and project leaders — to discuss what the next opportunities could be, and what still needs to be done.

A few speakers will lead the debate, but overall emphasis will be on participation and comments by all those invited.


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  1. i believe there is a non interactive version of this revolution you speak of, they are called channels. An app revolution on tv, would simply implode the tv landscape into a facebook style shorthand of the most common current habits online (tweet, status update and link as well as like) i can’t wait to see the ridiculous offerings. The only that makes any sense for most will have to do with food, which only be interesting if somone bar code scanner fridge gets in on that apption.

    1. Richard – I don’t think apps imply social media. Sure, there will be those, but its about making interactive apps work on TV, not just bolting social media from the PC onto a TV screen.

  2. Battle for the living room TV will be intense and fragmented. TV manufacturers are already enabling internet where as Apple will try to minimize the importance with a cloud-based architecture. Google will proliferate with multitude of device vendors to integrate Market Place and Android platform. Gaming empires will be challenged with TV App games. TV will play a big role in the multi-screen digital revolution.


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