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I just returned from moderating an interesting panel discussion at Swissnex here in San Francisco. With representatives from Oerlikon, SynapSense, and CSEM (the group behind those wacky Solar Islands, among other innovations), the discussion focused very much on how to bring innovations to market. In this climate, its no surprise that funding is a major hurdle the panelists addressed. One idea floated by Uwe Krueger, CEO of OC Oerlikon, is that an increase in joint ventures are one likely outcome of this market. So far we’ve seen this primarily in the automotive space, with EV partnerships from Daimler, Nissan, Renault, Detroit Electric and Lishen, among others. But investors like Khosla say they’re looking into JV opportunities in other areas, as well. Any good examples? Tweet ‘em to us @GigaOMPro or @celrae.

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