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Product Strategy & Design Consultant, Brilliant Forge

Larry Cornett, Ph.D., is the founder of Brilliant Forge; a consulting practice that helps organizations focus their consumer insights, product vision, business strategy, and technology capabilities into new business opportunities. With more than 18 years of experience in the industry ranging from small startups to large […] More >


Dr. Hendrix is the head of the Institute for Mobile Markets Research (immr), a research organization based in Atlanta that helps companies better understand and capitalize on opportunities presented by disruptive technologies. He combines a unique blend of research skills (qualitative and quantitative), industry knowledge, and […] More >


My corporate career started at HP, then Apple, and last at Microsoft. These companies have taught me lessons in product development and the challenges for going to market. After 20+ years developing technology, I switched to the data center industry to understand the challenges in going […] More >

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Gamification has broken through to mainstream coverage and threatens future ubiquity. This week saw a slew of stories on the trend. An ABC News roundup covered applications ranging from health to finance and dating. Of course it’s not just consumers who are targeted with the technology, […] More >


Mobility has shattered traditional perimeter security. To enable mobile workers, businesses have moved their data to the cloud and exposed it. To keep that data safe, IT must create an entirely new security paradigm—one that looks beyond simply securing devices and applications to securing the data […] More >

Smart homes, connected cars, and personal healthcare devices may grab the bulk of the headlines, but every business can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you want to add intelligence to factories, increase the efficiency of your shipping, advertise to new demographics, or simply […] More >

The sales organization may be a business’ richest source of data. Sales reps understand the value of their products, what sells and what doesn’t, the drivers that won or lost deals, and the margins necessary to justify their effort. Every success or failure builds that body […] More >

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