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David Coleman

David Coleman is an Analyst for Gigaom Research whose background is 25 years as an industry analyst and consultant in the collaboration, online community, knowledge management and social networks area. As the founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies he focused on helping vendors of collaborative […] More >

Jody Ranck

Jody Ranck is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who has a career in health, development and innovation spanning over 20 years. His current work has emphasized global health, innovation and social media in public health. He is currently on the executive team of the mHealth Alliance […] More >


Analyst, Independent Industry Research

Laura Stuart looks at disruptive technologies from social media to cloud, mobile and big data, often from the perspective of IT services as delivered to enterprises worldwide. Through original qualitative and quantitative research, she can help technology vendors, users and financial organizations to better understand markets, […] More >

Analyst Blog

The timing of the announcements of Apple’s and Amazon’s family sharing plans is not likely a coincidence. In fact, both companies have been working on the idea in parallel for several years, and the first public hints of the plans surfaced within a month of each other in early 2013. More >


Capturing and analyzing information are only part of the big data equation. Businesses must store ingested data in a format that is accessible and resilient, yet still economical. Alongside structured machine-generated data, businesses must cope with petabytes of unstructured data, from emails to photos to video […] More >

Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows organizations to deliver networking with the same level of flexibility and agility as virtualization has allowed them to deliver other parts of their infrastructure. Server virtualization and compute hypervisors grew hand-in-hand, and transformed the industry. We’re now at the cusp of […] More >

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