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Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Industry Analyst, Keren Elazari

Born and Raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Keren Elazari is a security expert, a public speaker and a key member of the Israeli Cyber Security & Hacking scene for more than 12 years. Since 2000, Keren has been employed with leading Israeli security firms, government organizations, […] More >

Jody Ranck

Jody Ranck has a career in health, development and innovation spanning over 20 years. His current work has emphasized global health, innovation and social media in public health. He is currently on the executive team of the mHealth Alliance at the UN Foundation and consults with […] More >


I am the founder and Chief Analyst at NextMarket Insights, a market research firm focused on emerging consumer technologies & business models. More here: http://nextmarket.co Previous to NextMarket, I was the founding Vice President of Research at GigaOM (where I am still a contributor and curator). […] More >

Analyst Blog

Google announced the expansion of its Cloud Platform to the Asia-Pacific region, including locally-hosted computing capacity, storage, and databases.  The company said in a blog post that this is inline with its strategy for expanding into the Asia-Pacific region.  This follows the opening of data centers […] More >

I attended the Red Hat summit this week in San Francisco.  Vendor events are always a bit of a hit or miss for me.  Either it’s, “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain,” or some serious and interesting stuff goes down.  Fortunately, this week […] More >


Mobility has shattered traditional perimeter security. To enable mobile workers, businesses have moved their data to the cloud and exposed it. To keep that data safe, IT must create an entirely new security paradigm—one that looks beyond simply securing devices and applications to securing the data […] More >

Smart homes, connected cars, and personal healthcare devices may grab the bulk of the headlines, but every business can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you want to add intelligence to factories, increase the efficiency of your shipping, advertise to new demographics, or simply […] More >

The sales organization may be a business’ richest source of data. Sales reps understand the value of their products, what sells and what doesn’t, the drivers that won or lost deals, and the margins necessary to justify their effort. Every success or failure builds that body […] More >

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