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Founder & DevOps Analyst, Fixate IO

Chris Riley is a technologist who has spent 12 years helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, processes and tooling. In addition to being a Gigaom Research analyst, he is an O’Reilly author, regular speaker, and subject matter expert in the… More >

Bob Gourley

Editor | Partner and Co-Founder, CTOvision.com | Cognitio Corp

Bob Gourley is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the editor of CTOvision.com. He is also the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Crucial Point LLC, a technology research and advisory firm. Bob’s first career was as a naval intelligence officer, which included operational tours… More >

Larr Hawes

Larry Hawes is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the Principal and founder of Dow Brook Advisory Services, where he advises enterprise software vendors on their market strategies. He is also an internationally recognized analyst, consultant, author, and educator on the application of information management technologies… More >

Analyst Blog

One of the factors in the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)—the networking of the physical world within existing Internet infrastructure—is the rapid decline in the cost of sensors. Sensors are critical to IoT. Consider a connected thermostat: Without motion, humidity and temperature sensors, there… More >

I don’t think Microsoft is going to make real inroads in the mobile device market, but in other markets the company is finally making solid moves. Last week, Nadella’s Microsoft finally demonstrated that it gets the new economics of operating systems, and like its competitors, Apple and… More >

Microsoft revealed a new large format touch-sensitive device, intended for groups working together remotely or in the same conference room, called Surface Hub. This will run on Windows 10, and will leverage aspects of Office and Skype. This is the outgrowth of the company’s acquisition of… More >


In 1950, pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing proposed the question “can machines think?” He felt that if a machine could imitate humans closely enough to fool them into thinking it was a human, it passed the “Turing test.” As today’s devices pack more powerful processors and… More >

Agile methodologies have had tremendous success in task-oriented teams and are are increasing their penetration into the enterprise. Still, Agile is just a tool, and not all projects, business processes, and corporate cultures are natural fits. The typical enterprise will support multiple methodologies, and making them… More >

Big Data is still in its early stages of life; to get to the next stage, its integration with core enterprise technologies needs to get better. Chief among the enterprise environments with which Big Data must integrate is the developer ecosystem. There are a number of… More >

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