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In September Panasonic did something indicative of just how much connected devices have changed marketing, sales and consumer expectations. It charged $99 for a firmware update for its top of line GH4 still and video camera. Given the price tag, Panasonic’s move begs the question: Does… More >

Nearly 58% of respondents to this year’s study thought suppliers were creating too much hype around ‘digitisation’ and ‘digital transformation’.Digital Transformation has memed its way into the bloodstream of modern business discourse, but is increasingly viewed as an effort by vendors to refactor their flagging relevance. More >

Peter Bright of Ars Technica did us all a great favor by producing a detailed evaluation of Microsoft’s Lumia 950 Windows phone. I will leave to one side the review of the 950’s phone features, and zoom in on just one capability that Microsoft has debuted: using… More >

Square’s public market debut has put a focus how hard the payments business is, even for one of the apparent leaders. Is great design and user experience going to be enough to create and maintain a revolution, or is it just that, a beautiful product that… More >

I heard a story from an IoT software platform vendor recently about this year’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. At the show, an IBM guy walks up to him and says, hey Bob, did you know there are 163 IoT platforms now. Wow, that’s a… More >

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