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Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin’s 25-year career in publishing includes roles as editor-in-chief of the newsweekly Computerworld and founding editor-in-chief of online publisher TechTarget.com. He also is an Analyst for Gigaom Research.  Since 2005 he has focused primarily on applications of social media to B2B environments and has worked […] More >

Tim Crawford CROP 700K SQUARE

CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA

Tim Crawford is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and an internationally renowned thought leader in the areas of IT transformation, innovation, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Tim has served as CIO and other senior IT roles with global organizations such as Konica Minolta/ All […] More >


Independent analyst

Joe Weinman is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing (Wiley 2012), available in English and Chinese and considered the seminal work on cloud computing economics and business value, and the author of the forthcoming book Digital […] More >

Analyst Blog

Dropbox continues to make waves in its efforts to compete with Box with Dropbox for Business. In a blog post yesterday, Dropbox VP of Enterprise Strategy Ross Piper threw out some serious numbers: 800,000 organizations now use Dropbox for Business, and recent spike in adoption of […] More >


While product and application development are embracing continuous deployment, DevOps, and other highly-automated agility-focused methodologies, the back office  – the “business behind the business” – remains in the past. Human resources, Legal, and Accounting are the last remaining strongholds of labor-intensive manual processes, and the costs […] More >

Now that cloud has entered the mainstream adoption, agility has emerged as the primary driver of the Cloud ahead of economic drivers[1]. Cloud is the agile and infinitely saleable platform that offer agility to organizations of all sizes. Successful businesses need to be agile and responsiveness […] More >

Adoption of analytics technology amongst marketing professionals is prolific, perhaps more so than with any other part of the business. You might think, then, that all such analytics implementations are relatively seamless and elegant. The fact remains, however, that integrating marketing applications with analytics systems can […] More >

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