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Principal Analyst, Analyst Connections

Ashar Baig is an Analyst at Gigaom Research and Principal Analyst at Analyst Connections. He is focused on Cloud Computing, Storage & Server Virtualization, Storage (hardware, software, filesystems, I/O, etc.), Data Protection (Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Business Continuity), VDI, Security, Archiving, Public & Private Cloud Storage, High Performance Computing… More >

Colin Gibbs

Colin Gibbs is the founder and principal of Peak Mobile Insights, a Denver-based boutique firm providing research, consulting and strategy services to businesses and nonprofit groups looking to leverage the mobile revolution. He has been involved in the mobile industry for more than a decade as… More >


Head of Security, CCG LLC

Simon is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who focuses on cybersecurity strategy, new technologies, threats, privacy and enjoys being involved with these things. He is an expert in the field of Information Security, Technology, and Management with keen instincts and extensive experience with the way people,… More >

Analyst Blog

When Samsung first got interested in the smart home, and IoT more generally, it approached the endeavor from the usual consumer electronics direction—create a closed ecosystem it could control and monetize. When it pursued this initial strategy, it rolled out a smart home service that allowed… More >

The drive to provide an omnichannel customer experience has become a war for the “everywhere customer,” who uses multiple devices and channels for shopping and expects brands to be everywhere. Forward-thinking companies have rapidly taken the first steps and implemented innovative experiences that cater to the everywhere… More >

We all know IoT is going to be huge, and as with most technology, the industrial IoT will eventually eclipse its consumer equivalent. But it is certainly in no rush. From smart socks to smart homes, consumer tech is flying off the shelves, but industrial IoT… More >

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