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Martin Piszczalski is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who also leads Sextant Research, an advisory firm specializing in cleantech and information technologies. Previously was a research director at the Yankee Group. He was also a Principal Analyst at Gartner. He advises technology firms ranging in size […] More >

Colin Gibbs

In addition to serving as Senior Curator and Analyst for Gigaom Research’s Mobile coverage area, Colin Gibbs is an independent consultant and strategist in the mobile industry. His writing has been featured by NYTimes.com, Reuters.com and Businessweek.com, and he has appeared as an expert in mobile […] More >


Paul Sweeting is a lead Analyst for Gigaom Research and the founder of Concurrent Media Strategies, a Washington, D.C.–based consulting and editorial services firm specializing in digital media technology and policy issues. In 2007 he developed and launched Content Agenda, a website owned by Reed Business […] More >

Analyst Blog

Vendors often have their own program for new rolling out new products, driven by product development cycles, internal market research, and larger corporate strategy. But sometimes, especially in areas where the path for new technology is not well-defined, efforts led by end-user communities can provide a […] More >


Many businesses that have outsourced mobile apps to agencies or run “one-off” app development efforts at the department level have realized that mobile development is of strategic importance. As they take development in-house and build a comprehensive mobile strategy, businesses are forced to address platform choices, […] More >

Every business is a service business. Companies like Amazon and Apple have thrived in a world of commoditization and shrinking margins because of the care they’ve shown to their customers. But managing customer experience isn’t just about high-touch stores and Mayday Buttons. It’s about engaging users […] More >

Every day, the number of operating systems, screen sizes, and device types your Web site needs to support continues to grow. In theory, one adaptive, efficient, responsive Web site that could support all of those target platforms makes sense and can deliver the performance your users […] More >

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