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Jody Ranck

Jody Ranck is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who has a career in health, development and innovation spanning over 20 years. His current work has emphasized global health, innovation and social media in public health. He is currently on the executive team of the mHealth Alliance… More >

Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Industry Analyst, Keren Elazari

Born and Raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Keren Elazari is an Analyst for Gigaom Research, security expert, and public speaker and a key member of the Israeli Cyber Security & Hacking scene for more than 12 years. Since 2000, Keren has been employed with leading Israeli… More >


Martin Piszczalski is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who also leads Sextant Research, an advisory firm specializing in cleantech and information technologies. Previously was a research director at the Yankee Group. He was also a Principal Analyst at Gartner. He advises technology firms ranging in size… More >

Analyst Blog

John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry, has made dramatic moves in turning around the company,  firing various executives and hiring others (seeBlackberry’s Chen is pushing hard to turn the company around, BlackBerry posts massive loss, new hires, good numbers on iOS and Android), focusing the company on… More >

WeWork has had phenomenal growth, reaching a $150 million annual run rate, according to reports. In New York City alone it has leased 1.6 million square feet of office space, making it the fastest-expanding company on a square-footage basis. This latest round was led by T. Rowe… More >


As the enterprise grows more distributed, varied and mobile, flexible communication is more necessary than ever – but it is also more complex. With a nearly limitless combination of geographies, devices, and compliance requirements, IT departments cannot rely on yesterday’s communications standards and applications. Corporate IT… More >

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