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Jody Ranck

Jody Ranck is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who has a career in health, development and innovation spanning over 20 years. His current work has emphasized global health, innovation and social media in public health. He is currently on the executive team of the mHealth Alliance […] More >


Independent analyst

Joe Weinman is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing (Wiley 2012), available in English and Chinese and considered the seminal work on cloud computing economics and business value, and the author of the forthcoming book Digital […] More >


Philip Sheldrake is an Analyst for Gigaom Research, a Chartered Engineer and Managing Partner of Euler Partners, a social business consultancy. He serves as a main board director of techUK, the UK trade association for the technology industry. He is a member of the advisory council […] More >

Analyst Blog

I have uncovered several new research papers on team success, so I will be writing a short series exploring the topic. In a paper released this month, Michael Klug and James Bagrow of the University of Vermont took a deep mathematical dive into Github data looking for […] More >

In his Weekly Update, Andrew Brust, the Gigaom Research research director for data, reports the news that ‘Qlik, Roambi and Zettaset up their games’ with product announcements. He sees a common business intelligence thread in Qlik’s ‘Natural Analytics’, Roambi’s Android access to its visual data discovery, […] More >

Samsung this week indefinitely delayed the release of the Samsung Z, which is expected to be the first smartphone running its Tizen OS to hit the market. The news spells trouble for a company desperate to expand beyond manufacturing and build a full-fledged mobile ecosystem. More >


Global economic and societal forces are so pervasive and encompassing that that it’s hard to back up far enough to get a big-picture view. We are reduced to building up our understanding of this post-normal world in a bottom-up, analytic fashion, looking at the component parts […] More >

Is OpenStack ready for the Enterprise? How can Enterprises leverage OpenStack to deliver a scalable and stable environment for their workloads? In 2012/13, OpenStack’s Folsom release had 368 developers. Icehouse, the most recent release (April 2014) has 1,224 developers. What does this mean in terms of […] More >

The major limitation of the scale-up storage arrays has been the storage controller, which often becomes the performance bottleneck. This limitation gave birth to the scale-out phenomenon that has dedicated controller for each node. This approach eliminates any performance bottleneck caused by the limited horsepower of […] More >

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