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Founder & Chief Scientist, DeepStorage.net

Howard Marks is an Analyst for Gigaom Research, as well as the founder and chief scientist at Deepstorage LLC, a storage consultancy and independent test lab concentrating on storage and data center networking. In more than 25 years of consulting, Marks has designed and implemented storage systems, […] More >


Michael Wolf is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the founder and Chief Analyst at NextMarket Insights, a market research firm focused on emerging consumer technologies & business models. More here: http://nextmarket.co Previous to NextMarket, he was the founding Vice President of Research at Gigaom (where […] More >


In addition to being Gigaom’s Cleantech Curator, Adam Lesser is an analyst for Blueshift Research, a San Francisco based investment research firm dedicated to public markets. He focuses on the intersection of technology and energy consumption, and has cleantech expertise in green IT, the share economy, […] More >

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Wikipedia: The term harmony derives from the Greek ‘harmonia’, meaning “joint, agreement, concord”, from the verb ‘harmozo’, “to fit together, to join. The future of the CIO role comes down to this very issue. Many speak of the demise of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Yet, […] More >


From JP Morgan Chase (which employs more coders than Google) to a start-up customizing salesforce.com for sales, we are all software developers. Regardless of business, the move to software development brings a new set of rules, and a new urgency to bring products to market faster, […] More >

BI systems have encapsulated a very waterfall-like approach, where a large amount of design work must be done by technology professionals up front, before even simple business analysis can be done. While business users may have self-service tools for data discovery and visualization, how does that […] More >

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