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Greetings! As my colleague Stowe Boyd announced yesterday, I am part of a fabulous group of smart, well-respected people that have joined the rebooted Gigaom Research as analysts. I was affiliated with the original version of Gigaom Research as an Analyst, and am very pleased to… More >

I’m proud to report that I’ve been joined at the rebooted Gigaom Research by a growing roster of world-class analysts, many who were involved with Gigaom in previous days, and a growing cadre of brainiacs that I’ve asked to come aboard to lend their skills, insights, and… More >

“That experiment broke. I just had to admit it.” — Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse Island, on his attempt to run the company without managers There is currently a widely-held view among organizational design experts and pundits that managers, particularly middle managers, are a harmful artifact… More >

If you’re a boss, have the courage to present yourself as a more complex being: as a sinner, not a saint; a fragile identity, not a robust platform; a lively question-mark, not a dead-certain exclamation point. – Tim Leberecht Assuming a new leadership role at Gigaom… More >

In April Ankit Gupta of LinkedIn learned that about 30 percent of LinkedIn users search for coworkers’ profiles each month. Wondering why, he and his coworkers survey 800 plus users about company intranets, where presumably they would have access to profile information. But they were surprised… More >

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