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CEO & Co-Founder, VK

Larry Cornett, Ph.D., is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the founder of Brilliant Forge; a consulting practice that helps organizations focus their consumer insights, product vision, business strategy, and technology capabilities into new business opportunities. With more than 18 years of experience in the industry […] More >


Paul Sweeting is a lead Analyst for Gigaom Research and the founder of Concurrent Media Strategies, a Washington, D.C.–based consulting and editorial services firm specializing in digital media technology and policy issues. In 2007 he developed and launched Content Agenda, a website owned by Reed Business […] More >

Bob Gourley

Editor | Partner and Co-Founder, CTOvision.com | Cognitio Corp

Bob Gourley is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the editor of CTOvision.com. He is also the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Crucial Point LLC, a technology research and advisory firm. Bob’s first career was as a naval intelligence officer, which included operational tours […] More >

Analyst Blog

For many companies in the Big Data and analytics arena, Strata + Hadoop World was the climax of their Fall news cycles. For Microsoft, the pace and sustained duration of the news is a little different. Yes, Microsoft was at Strata + Hadoop World; in fact, […] More >

The trend toward zero-cost file storage continues to ratchet along. The newest news is from Microsoft, which is rolling out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 users at no additional cost. So, starting at $6.99 per month, Office 365 Home, Personal, and University users get that benefit. […] More >


DevOps is a hot topic inside many Enterprise IT organizations today, because of the operational and development efficiencies it can bring. By leveraging DevOps best practices, Enterprises can take advantage of these efficiencies through better collaboration during the software development cycle. Provisioning through automation, better testing, […] More >

While product and application development are embracing continuous deployment, DevOps, and other highly-automated agility-focused methodologies, the back office  – the “business behind the business” – remains in the past. Human resources, Legal, and Accounting are the last remaining strongholds of labor-intensive manual processes, and the costs […] More >

Now that cloud has entered the mainstream adoption, agility has emerged as the primary driver of the Cloud ahead of economic drivers[1]. Cloud is the agile and infinitely saleable platform that offer agility to organizations of all sizes. Successful businesses need to be agile and responsiveness […] More >

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