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Jody Ranck

Jody Ranck is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who has a career in health, development and innovation spanning over 20 years. His current work has emphasized global health, innovation and social media in public health. He is currently on the executive team of the mHealth Alliance […] More >


Founder & Principal Analyst, Gabriel Consulting Group, Inc.

Dan Olds began his high-tech career on the vendor side of the industry with Cray Research, Sun Microsystems, and IBM before founding Gabriel Consulting Group in 2002. He was one of the first technologists to study IT total cost of ownership, virtualization, and server consolidation; he […] More >


Analyst, Independent Industry Research

Laura Stuart looks at disruptive technologies from social media to cloud, mobile and big data, often from the perspective of IT services as delivered to enterprises worldwide. Through original qualitative and quantitative research, she can help technology vendors, users and financial organizations to better understand markets, […] More >

Analyst Blog

In the past week I came upon a few data points in what I think will be a significant trend in work technology, which I am calling quantified work at scale. Quantified work is not wholly new. It is the basic premise of tracking and measuring […] More >

Amazon’s data center efficiency honcho James Hamilton penned a recent blog post in which he argued that while there’s been a dearth of great engineering ideas lately for improving data center power consumption, collocating a desalination plant next to a data center has some definite synergies. […] More >

Sarayu Caulfield and Alexandra Ulmer, two high school students from Portland Oregon, presented their research study — Capacity Limits of Working Memory: The Impact of Multitasking on Cognitive Control and Emotion Recognition in the Adolescent Mind — at the American Society of Pediatrics conference this past weekend. […] More >


Many businesses that have outsourced mobile apps to agencies or run “one-off” app development efforts at the department level have realized that mobile development is of strategic importance. As they take development in-house and build a comprehensive mobile strategy, businesses are forced to address platform choices, […] More >

Every business is a service business. Companies like Amazon and Apple have thrived in a world of commoditization and shrinking margins because of the care they’ve shown to their customers. But managing customer experience isn’t just about high-touch stores and Mayday Buttons. It’s about engaging users […] More >

Every day, the number of operating systems, screen sizes, and device types your Web site needs to support continues to grow. In theory, one adaptive, efficient, responsive Web site that could support all of those target platforms makes sense and can deliver the performance your users […] More >

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