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Martin Piszczalski is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who also leads Sextant Research, an advisory firm specializing in cleantech and information technologies. Previously was a research director at the Yankee Group. He was also a Principal Analyst at Gartner. He advises technology firms ranging in size… More >


Analyst, Independent Industry Research

Laura Stuart looks at disruptive technologies from social media to cloud, mobile and big data, often from the perspective of IT services as delivered to enterprises worldwide. Through original qualitative and quantitative research, she can help technology vendors, users and financial organizations to better understand markets,… More >

Colin Gibbs

In addition to serving as Senior Curator and Analyst for Gigaom Research’s Mobile coverage area, Colin Gibbs is an independent consultant and strategist in the mobile industry. His writing has been featured by NYTimes.com, Reuters.com and Businessweek.com, and he has appeared as an expert in mobile… More >

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There’s no question that the cloud is maturing. What was once a buzzword is now becoming a mainstream technology. 2014 saw one-time tests move into production. While businesses, whether SMBs or Enterprise, anteed up with their budgets. Cloud adoption—private or public—was fueled by many corporate, cultural,… More >

Hyperscale infrastructure—used by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook—delivers performance in aggregate and extreme high density. It upends the existing way of doing business and creates a new lexicon for service providers and enterprise IT managers. Utilizing commodity off-the-shelf servers, networking, storage and a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach,… More >

Most developers know that social media streams produce a huge volume of data and can be used to discern trending topics and brand sentiment. While that may seem like a niche discipline, social media in fact comprises scenarios ranging from security and threat detection, to fraud,… More >

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